Comodo Firewall problems never ending.

Well over the last month or so when the firewall updated. It’s been acting odd. It’s hit & miss when this happens. But when I reboot or turn the system on for the first time. Sometimes the firewall just doesn’t load up at all & although my ethernet is still connected. I have no internet access. Only fix is a reboot & hope it resolves it, and it does. But it continue’s to happen every 3 or 4 reboots or boots. I have Avast Anti-Virus which not too long ago suffered a serious problem when it updated & comodo basically blocked it or conflicted with it & it rendered peoples systems useless unless they know how to safe boot & uninstall.

These are the main protection packages people use. I don’t use Comodo AV because it continue’s to block & delete software it rules as malicious without even asking me first. I don’t like having to chase around correcting false positives. Unless this has changed & you’re prompted about a possible virus or malicious program & you have the option to block, delete or mark as safe. But the last time I tried it. It went around deleting software files I wrote myself for my personal use without asking me if I want them being deleted.

On last thing that is really starting to get under my skin & its not serious or effects anything. But I don’t have shortcuts on my desktop for something that runs in the background like Comodo Firewall or Avast. So I delete them. But every time I turn on my computer, the firewall shortcut on my desktop is back. I have a recycle bin with around 100 shortcuts I’ve deleted over the last month.

But anyways, becoming very frustrated with Comodo of late.