Comodo Firewall Problem

Well first of all, hello. I have a problem with comodo firewall. I reinstalled my operating system(windows xp prof. sp3) and I installed comodo firewall without antivirus and chosing firewall with optimal defense. It was all working great…I browsed for about 2 min. and then restarted my computer. It logged into windows, but I got an error. On the bottom right of the screen “Local area network is limited”…you are not able to acces the internet or some resources… Why? I uninstalled it and everything got back to normal. I could surf the internet…
Here are my specs and let me know if you need anything else.
Win. Xp. Sp3
2,8 intel celeron
1gb ram
Ati radeon 9600 PRO
Hdd: Wd 120 gb -7200rpm
Network adapters:Realtek RTL8139 Family pci fast ethernet NIC
Thanks for the help!