Comodo Firewall Problem.

I put a new CD in today for my new cell phone and the comodo firewall just kept popping up and asking me to allow, so i went to the bottom right on toolbar and clicked exit on it, but now i can’t seem to re-install it, when i hit the comodo icon on desktop, i get the following readings, (error 0x0 failed for c:\documents and settings\user\application data\comodo\firewall pro\data\resfiles\checkbox 13.png) then i click ok and i get (error while extracting resources from C:\program files\COMODO\firewall\cfpress.dll. aborting aplication) can someone explain to me how to get the firewall to run again, i also tried to un-install it but it wont let me thanks.

If you are having difficulty uninstalling CFP, follow the tips and instructions here:

Try the batch file first, which should enable you to reinstall CFP If you continue to receive errors after that or encounter additional issues, set aside about an hour or so (yeah, I know…) and follow the full set of instructions in the link above.

Try a system restore first. BTW why would you want to exit out of Comodo. It was doing its job and all you had to do was put Comodo in “install mode”. If system restore doesnt work then try reinstalling over it then uninstalling using Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.