Comodo Firewall Pro

I am running Windows Vista Business SP1 using Avast Anti-virus, Threatfire,and Comodo Firewall Pro. The problem I am having is that i always have to manually start Comodo Firewall pro, there is no place in settings to check to start the firewall with Windows. Which i remember to do, but my son who is 15 always forgets to turn on the firewall. My question is; Is there a way to set Comodo Firewall to start with Windows Vista?

I didn’t know that there was an option to prevent it from loading with Windows. ???

Can you downloads autoruns from here:

and see if Comodo is disabled from starting with Windows.

I can’t think of any reason how this could have happened, though, unless someone did it themselves or your computer is infected.

Can someone else please comment on this?

i have run Vipre Rescue and found no infections, Only things is running at start up is Comodo Sandbox and Comodo System Cleaner. :-[

Did you check it using Autoruns?