comodo firewall pro

(:AGY) well i was using the comodo firewall pro for quite a while with no problems then broke loose comodo flashed one day oops comodo has a bug so i ignored it then every time i started it it said the same thing oops comodo firewall has a bug then i closed it then i got the run dll message saying comodo firewall has encountered and error so did any one find or notice any strange things which comodo firewall pro? (:KWL)

First of all before you make a poll like this use spell check. Secondly if this is your first problem then I wouldn’t be complaining. Why don’t you simply do a complete uninstall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. I had problems with other software such as my games and all I do is uninstall and reinstall and everything is fine. Did you recently use a registry cleaner and cleaned out files you needed?