comodo firewall pro

i just installed comodo firewall pro (2.4) and i absolutely love it… :BNC

but when CFP starts (at pc start-up), my pc stops for about 10 sec…

Its no big deal, but pretty annoying though.


I think I’ll wait a few days, hoping the problem will go away by itself. Otherwise, I’ll go back to a previous version, waiting for a better one to be released.

(L) (:WIN)

I noticed the same thing upon rebooting after the installation of 2.4. If you mouse-hover over the Comodo icon in systray you’ll notice the tooltip says it is initializing. It will soon give the usual message that all systems are up and running. I believe, from what I experienced, the first few restarts of the program go through a longer initialization, perhaps learning your computer setup. Since then, restarts have been fast, I have not noticed any spikes in CPU usage for any extended time.

Hi, I downloaded the new Pro. It looks good and my computer is running fine. Congratulations on a good job.

indeed, I’ve been worrying too soon, everything works fine now (after 5 reboots :p)

thanks a lot