Comodo Firewall Pro version released!--EGEMEN [CLOSED]

Hi guys,

Just looks like a small bug fix release:

FIXED! COMODO Firewall activation fails under some circumstances.

Thanks Comodo,


A very hit and miss affair these updates
Error 113 features almost every time.
Could something be done.

worked fine for me ???

on other version i had this prob at reboot with cfpress.dll that couldnt start.
maybe there’s a link with this error and the fix?

If they made a fix that quick couldn’t they have also fixed the “waiting for your review” pending files display glitch?

Hello, :-TU
few minutes ago we’ve got Comodo Firewall…
That was fast and everything seems to be okay!
Thanks Comodo! (:LOV) (:m*) (:m*)

I didn’t have any problems downloading both updates.

Maybe the issue you were having was due to busy servers?

Wow you guys are fast on the updates aren’t ya… lol- Poor Egemen hehe…

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: Running well…


If you get the error about cfpres.dll or framework.dll missing, simply go to the REPAIR folder and copy the missing file from there to the firewall folder. You can also copy them to the SYSTEM32 folder, as well. Reboot and all should be well.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I got a PM from Melih saying that this release was also a fix for this bug:;topicseen

So, it is was more of a quick fix for this. :slight_smile: A non-bootable system is a very serious bug. :wink:



However, when I uninstalled .23 and did a thorough registry and drive clean, I was never presented with the toolbar installation with .24 install. :frowning: So, I don’t know if it’s the previously reported bug that people have about re-installation and the missing toolbar thing or if the devs took out the toolbar for Vista x64 until a better fix is made. If they did take it out then that is good because no one will have a non-bootable system, and if they truly fixed then that is good as well. I just need confirmation on which one of the presented scenarios it is. If my install messed up, then I need to figure out a way to fix it.

Good Day,

Hmmmmmm… (:AGY)
2 releases within 2 days… (:SAD)

It would help to have more detailed changelogs for each new released version…

Best wishes, :■■■■ (:WAV)


i guess in all large updates, there are unexpected bugs. but at least comodo it aware and fixes it ASAP (B)

the prob is that the file is not missing and i always got the error so i have to uninstall and reinstall the app.
i set some files to windows system application so i think all will run fine now.

But important thing still missing.
When can we enjoy user-friendly GUI ?

IMO, the GUI is very user friendly.

Agreed…How much easier can it be. LOL. My 9 year old son knows how to use it.

But yes, at first it can be very intimidating but once you get to know your way around its a breeze.

this release is still causing me problems i had to uninstall then reinstall to be greeted with the same cmdagent didn’t start error. so i followed panics instructions and copied files from the repair folder…this has worked at the expense of a greatly increased boot time and system instability on startup (until the firewall icon appears). in addition to this avira flags the file s1.tmp in the comodo firewall folder as adware so i’ve submitted it to them as a false positive