COMODO Firewall Pro Version BETA Released

As per roadmap, we are releasing BETA version of COMODO Firewall Pro with support of Greek language. With this we are freezing support of any other language for 2.4 release. In future when we plan to add more languages we will inform users who volunteered to do translation for other languages.

Since we got last translation done from voulnteers, we have added few more strings so we will be supplying updated files to translators.
There are very few strings but still if we can cover those also it will be good. From now onwards till release we are going to focus on per language corrections.

Following are changes:

  1. System Tray icon animation is optional now, there is a menu item “Enable Tray Animation” added in system tray icon menu, so you can turn on/off animation.
  2. Some users reported at times they see “library dialog box” without any list of libraries. It has been fixed.
  3. Firewall should not be asking about permission for the same library again and again. If you do get it please checkout if those files have been updated b’caz of some update. If that’s the case and you allow there should be multiple entries of that library in “Component Monitor”. Duplicate entries are only possible if their hash values differ else not.

Greek (Size 1.3 MB) (Size 10.2 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available: (Size 9.4 MB)

In general we are facing translation length issues with Greek translation. Greek translation is in general larger than any other language translation done so far. The area that it affects most is “Component Monitor” and “Network Monitor”.

We have three radio buttons and four buttons placed linearly in “Component Monitor” and two radio buttons and five buttons in “Network Monitor” section. When corresponding English text is translated, width has to be increased b’caz of their linear placement. So on language basis we have increased default width of the application but in case of Greek, even making default width to 800px is not good enough, so we had to reduce the font size on buttons and still things are very crowded there. So for following English text translation must be consized:
Turn On, Turn Off, Learn Mode, Add, Edit, Remove, Move Up, Move Down, Apply, Refresh

We have postponed COMODO Firewall Pro release date to 4th Jan, 2007. It will be released with following languages:
1) Chinese (Traditional)
2) Chinese (Simplified)
3) Dutch
4) French
5) Greek
6) Hungarian
7) Portugese (Brazilian)
8 ) Portugese (Continental)
9) Russian
10) Spanish (LA)
11) Spanish (Spain)
12) Swedish
13) Turkish

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.

Thanking all the translators for their contribution.


[EDITED on 3rd Jan, 2007]
We are postponing release of COMODO Firewall Pro version 2.4 to 11th Jan, 2007.
On 9th Jan, 2007 we will make an RC (release candidate) live with all the supported languages.
It will have all the corrections per language reported by reviewers and translators.

Thanks for the update. One question remains for me : why no buffer overflow protection for 2.4 ? When is 2.5 projected ? (V)

After we put Buffer Overflow, we observed some issues which could delay the release of 2.4 and therefore we took it out.
Regarding 2.5 we can not give exact date, but Feb, 2007 end should be a realistic date.


(:WAV) THX Umesh for the swift reply : to be honest I don’t really understand the meaning of the buffer overflow protection but I assume it is something which will give me extra protection no ? Can you give me a very brief explanation on this issue ? :BNC

yankee Buffer overflow - Wikipedia

may help you understand it relly in depth

don’t know if anybody noticed the same but I see it every time I install a new version of comodo firewall. When I open the folder where the setup file is located, it takes about 5 seconds for the icons of all .exe files located in the same folder (including cpf setup file) to appear correctly, that is with their own icons, and not anymore with windows default (that blue thing for default .exe files). The more versions (like betas) of comodo setup files are located in the folder, the longer it takes for the icons to appear correctly when you open the folder. What’s that? This has been the case for all versions of cpf. Strange…any kind of corruption in the data that prevents the folder to refresh at a normal speed?


just wanted also to congratulate the development team, for their efforts in listening to the users in this forum. Some of us, and that was not my case,asked previously that the animation of the new comodo icon in systray would be optional, and they’ve done it in the new beta. I find that absolutely brilliant. I’m not talking about the feature, but about the fact that this forum is not just a showroom to advertise a product, but really a place where users’ wishes are taken into account.Once again (:CLP) (R)

thanks for the info !!! (:WAV)

■■■■… would you believe it? I have just installed less than 24 hours ago… (:AGY)

I wouldn’t complain about that; it just means that developers are working hard! and we’re on beta testing, so that is rather good news when a new beta comes out with corrected bugs! on top of that they take user’s wishes into account, like the animated icon that became optional. (:CLP)

Ive been using your Fw for i think a month?
I love it!

i was using black ice, because it has no rules and pretty much runs itself.
but it has alot of issues with windows and it only runs with dep turned off or it will blue screen.

so Comodo was a breath of fresh air.

im downloading and installing this new beta.
so far so good, i dont have any hassles to report,
but if anything seems weird, ill definitely be here .

your mission statement is brilliant!
there should have been someone doing this a long time ago. (R)


Thank you Slippster

pls spread the word :slight_smile: tell everyone! thanks

our philosophy is that, this firewall belongs to our users. So if we don’t listen to what they need, who will we listen to?! This forum is a way of interacting with our users and allowing our users to drive the development of this firewall using this forum. Of course we will continue to contribute and add stuff that we think is good and if we mess up, guess what, our users will tell us and we will correct it :slight_smile:

it is utterly important that all our users contribute to this forum at every level so that we can make “Their Products” better for them.



:BNC I love it.

Umesh, there are some minor visual bugs where the text at the end of the line at the right one or more letters are missing.

In other places at the bottom does not appear the last line.

ps. I also found that my translation is not accurate. For example the word “disabled” in greek it can be written in three modes (1 for male, 1 for female and 1 for neutral). Should I modify first my translating text or should I modify the dlls directly and then upload them to you?

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

Sadly this Version still does not correct the issue of CPF forgetting what i allowed and disallowed let me lay out simple instructions maybe this will help

  1. i start AVG anti-spyware
  2. I click update
  3. CPF allerts me that AVG is connecting to the web
  4. i click allow and remember
  5. it updates
  6. i exit out
  7. i restart the compuer “waiting 30 minutes or so also seems to make CPF forget”
  8. i open avg then click update
  9. CPF asks about avg connecting to the web…AGAIN
    …i understand my last talk about this problem might have come to late to be implemented in the release but have yall found the cause of this problem and do you all know if the next release will issue an update for correct his…as 2 people i know that use CPF are switching firewalls until this problem is corrected - (117Kbytes) the Target tab suddenly dissapears when you click on it… funy. (193Kbytes)- There’s a missing tab (you’ve removed this function and you can’t see this from English version) problem and i need more space for the word “másodperc”.

The used codec is windows media video 9.

Thanks for the time guys, keep up the good work!

Unfortunetly, it’s possible you can’t contact me from 24th of December untill the 1st of January.

Security issue with WinAmp? (600Kbytes)

I saw no warning while opened winamp’s home page from the WinAmp program’s About window. I wonder if that’s normal ???


Once you have updated AVG, the previous Rule in CPF no longer applies. Since AVG has updated, it no longer fits the profile previously created in CPF. The name may be the same, but it’s a different file; it doesn’t match.

This is why CPF is alerting you every time. CPF is not “forgetting” the rule; the rule is no longer valid because the program (AVG, whatever) is changing. This is not a bug; this is a security feature. If AVG (or any other software) that has been previously allowed to connect (ie, created a rule, chose allow with remember, etc) is hijacked by malware and tries to connect, CPF notes that it is not the same and warns you. CPF does not know why the file has changed (it doesn’t monitor that, it’s not CPF’s job as a firewall); all it knows is that the file is not exactly the same as was allowed previously.

I apologize if this has not previously been made clear. This is one of the reasons that CPF is the #1 firewall against leaktests. The popups could be worded better, but if you read it carefully, you may see that it’s saying that the program has changed.

I hope this helps,


No sadly i wish this was the reason…The defs are being updated not the actual program file so the Checksum’s are not changing…this problem reflects on ALL programs i use that arnt included in the built in rules…and i know when the Checksum changes CPF alerts me that the program has changed and this isnt the case

Previous builds NEVER had the problem i never had to rebuild a rule unless as you say the actual program changes…

I have tried this version and versions before it with Windows Server 2003 x86 R2 SP2 RC(2825)/RC(2845) Refresh and the firewall driver does not start and everything is disabled in the options windows. (:AGY)