COMODO Firewall Pro Version BETA Released

As per roadmap, we are releasing BETA version of COMODO Firewall Pro with support of Turkish language.

Following are changes:

  1. Activity section shows correct bytes in/out per connection. We will make tray icon animation optional in next BETA.
  2. We have a new licensing scheme implemented in this BETA. When you install firewall, you get lifetime license without you requiring to sign up for activation code.
    During installation it asks you to enter e-mail id and and you can optionally select for newsletter from COMODO. During update, it is checked if COMODO has been notified about this installation or not, if it has not been, user’s entered e-mail id, newsletter option is sent with a unique id (GUID) to COMODO. This way we come to know about installation.
    In case user has already lifetime license, installation will not show section where it takes user’s e-mail id and updater will also not notify anything to COMODO as license has already been activated.
    This way when user installs firewall, he gets lifetime license and never has to worry about it’s expiry. So there is no “Trial” period anymore but lifetime license on installation.

In the BETA, as we do not have updater functional, but auto updater will be run and that will only check if it is activated or not, if not will do as i explained above. So even if auto-updater runs, it will not fetch you any files.

Turkish (Size 1.3 MB) (Size 10.2 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available: (Size 9.4 MB)

Updated Non-English languages BETA Release Roadmap:

21-Dec-06 : Greek (possible Italian also if we get translated files)
28-Dec-06 : COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4 Release with all the 13 languages.

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.

Thanking all the translators for their contribution.


Just out of curiosity,what is the difference,if any, between CPF Pro,& the regular version? (:KWL) (:KWL) (:KWL) (:KWL)

chaos nothins diffrent it was changed so ppl will know ikt is better then any other free firewall

Fair enough.Sometimes,there are little tweaks of one kind or another between regular & pro versions.THANX FOR THE INFO!!! (:KWL) :BNC (:KWL) :BNC


Türkçe versiyon için teşekkürler. :BNC


Probably a nice marketing move so in the future they can offer a FREE version and the better greater PRO version which equates to ‘You pay for it’.

Time will tell.

They decided to denote CPF as a “Pro” firewall because they felt too many people were comparing it to Zone Alarm, as a “Free” firewall. As ZA is nowhere close to being in CPF’s league, they do not want the continuing comparisons.

This does not change the free status of the firewall; it is still free, it still has a lifetime free license, and is still a full version firewall. It has not been limited in any way, as with all the other free firewalls.

Thus, it is what would normally be called a “Pro” version, but still 100% Free! (:CLP) (R)


Does anyone know when the production release will happen? (:CLP)

You mean full 2.4-release?

Please read the first post in this thread!! :wink:

28-Dec-06 : COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4 Release with all the 13 languages.

december 26

we posted at the same time, ok so 28

anybody knows about the release date of v 2.5? as that’s when they gonna put the close connection button back…

You will never need to pay for this firewall. As the big boss, Melih explained in another thread when there was discussion about the name, the firewall will always be free,4489.msg33510.html#msg33510

PLEASE DEVS fix the application path problem…every since yall have placed the name PRO in the firewall myself and 2 other people i know CANNOT get CPF to remember ANY application path for more then a few minutes…
For example
'i update AVG anti-spyware CPF asks me about the connection and i tell CPF to remember to ALWAYS allow…it updates then i go to open up AVG Anti-spyware a few minutes later and i get the same message…this happens with EVERY application that isnt built into that 10,000 known application list…please fix this as it is VERY annoying

It’s good to finaly find someone who has the same issue. I’m not alone anymore (:HUG). When I first submited the issue in this forum, people hardly believed me. I now submited it to the support team, and I wait for an answer…Just this issue happens to me only when I switch from learn mode to “on”, and that seems to concern only a few apps, amongst which Thunderbird and Firefox. Cpf consider their extensions’ dlls as suspicious in mode on, and don’t consider them at all in learn mode (not listed). Well Trevor cpf on my system prompts me again and again about the same dlls. when I leave learn mode, eventhough I swear I checked the remember box everytime (lol)

ok the context of your issue is rather different, but the result is the same.

another topic: anybody can tell me when cpf 1.0 was released?

I also have had this problem since the name change, (CFP not remembering application access), and it IS incredibly annoying :-\

Also, if I allow an application access to all destinations/ports it’s listed as [Any] in both columns. If I make the application trusted, it changes to [RANGE: -] and [0-65535].

Dumb question, but isn’t this the same thing ?
Wouldn’t it be easier to keep it as [Any] ?
Wouldn’t it be better to have a consistant interface ?

Or, is it only written this way to indicate that the application status is ‘Trusted’ ?


If you want to amuse yourself, have a trawl back through the forums and check out the number of posts by Comodo staff where they have publicly and repeatedly stated that the firewall is FREE. Today, tomorrow ad infinitum.

Please dont make them come around to your house and paint the word FREE across your forehead in big red letters! LOL

Its free, as has been stated before by many.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is the screenshot below correct? Also, when submitting a file (34MB) , the bytes in (shown also by the cfp icon) is constantly increasing ???. Is that correct? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


Edit: Unable to upload screenshot as it says that the upload folder is full ???.

The Comodo Agent Service crashed on my system. I had the Data Execution Prevention turned on. I will have it turned off for now on. I hope someone will explain it in plain English. 8)

I keep getting “NEXT>>>>” in the bottom right hand corner of the appwindows. It does not seem to affect the opperation of the firewall though.

I have tried to attaching images but keep getting the error “upload folder full”
(uploaded as per apache255 suggestion below)

I’ve also had the problem of not beeing able anymore to upload files fo this forum. Same answer, upload folder is full. You can always use “FileHost” but that only works for pictures, so just for screenshots and not for log files.