COMODO Firewall Pro Version BETA Released

As per roadmap, we are releasing BETA version of COMODO Firewall Pro with support of Swedish language.

The sole objective of this BETA is to get Swedish translation reviewed.


Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year (Size 1.3 MB)
Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year (Size 10.5 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available:
Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year (Size 9.8 MB)

Updated Non-English languages BETA Release Roadmap:

19-Dec-06 : Turkish & Greek
28-Dec-06 : COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4 Release with all the 13 languages.

We have advanced release date from 26th to 28th Dec.

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.

Thanking all the translators for their contribution.


As users reported for appearance of “???” in installation screens, we rectified it and replaced “CFP_Setup_English_2.4.6.113_BETA.exe” with “CFP_Setup_English_2.4.7.114_BETA.exe”

The installer on the English version for me only showed ??? in stead of any options.

e.g. in stead of restart now, I had 4 question marks.

I can verify that.

Hi mrm1,
Can you please post the scareen shot here?


Me too.
Just ‘???’ instead of readable text.


Hi Guys,
Can you please quickly re-try

We have rectified the issue replaced it from to

It should be ok now.


I cant seem to reproduce it at the moment, but will keep trying.
Just realised you have updated the installer, thanks guys.

There’s still a ??? bug - but not installer issue (will there be a localized installer?) -, i’ve attached the picture.

I can’t see all - i see 4 only - allowed applications at application monitor, why is that?

[attachment deleted by admin]

What about German language? I didn’t see it in roadmap.

Sorry , I just saw German translation thread (CWY)

(:NRD) still problems with IreIKE.exe (memory conflicts) !!!

hi Umesh!

could you please tell us why the close connection buttons were removed from the last two betas?
I saw others in the forum would like to know that too, since the previous beta release yesterday. Thanks.


Found another cut off problem. I need more space for “Következő”, which you can see if you got more network adapters and want to switch between them (i have only one now and i couldn’t see it before, sorry).

Just my opinion: i think you can create nicer icons for the tray animation which mightn’t have black background ;).

The list of applications shown in Activity->Connections is incorrect…eg, I’m running Firefox and Flashget at the moment, but only FlashGet showing(~30 connections).

Hi Arkangyal,
The bug that you have mentioned in “Connections” seems to be because you installed non-Swedish plugin on top of this installation.
This installation of Firewall will be only compatible with Swedish not any previous one.
As we add new resources, previous plugin may not be compatible with it.

At the moment we are not doing any compatibility checking while installating plugin, but final version will do that.

And regarding “Close” button, we have taken that out from 2.4 release and it will be added back in 2.5 release.


Installed this beta yesterday and really like the new activity icon up/down arrows :).

One strange thing I noticed was that when I opened up Bit Comet the application monitor didn’t pick up it. It runs ok but I was kinda expecting to ‘allow’ it to run as I’m pretty sure it did with the latest non-beta release.

Maybe they added it to the “know” applications list ?

You can always verify if an application is in safe list or not by adding it to Application control Rule section and clicking on that rule to see if “Security Risk” field is “SAFE” or not. If it says “SAFE” means it is part of safe list else not.

thanks,download now.

There’s a graphical bug at Advance detection and prevention tabs.