Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4.18.184

Having Comodo Firewall trouble with two W2K applications:

  1. Ipswitch WS_FTP Home:
    When uploading files to Web site, everything appears to transfer correctly, and the WS_FTP log says so-many bytes transferred, but the actual file size shown on the WS_FTP destination pane is 0 bytes, and indeed it is.

Comodo Settings for this application: wsftpgui.exe - “Skip parent check”, and “Allow all activities”.

If I quit Comodo and re-send the files, correct file size always received and reported at destination.

  1. Microsoft Outlook Express:
    I have about a dozen different POP3 server mail fetches set up to take place on Send/Receive and on periodic mail check. During the fetch sequence, each server login usually take about 5 seconds each, even when there’s nothing to collect.

If I quit Comodo, and re-start the check/fetch sequence, it runs though all of the servers in a couple of seconds flat.

Comodo settings for this application: MSIMN.EXE - “Learn the Parent”, “Allow all activities”, “Skip advanced security checks”

Any Advice?


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