COMODO Firewall Pro systray icon disappears randomely

Notification of a low severity problem.

After launching COMODO Firewall Pro (version, either automatically at system startup or manually by double clicking the desktop icon, COMODO Firewall Pro starts successfully and the icon shows on the systray (the toolbar at the lower right of the desktop).

On a random basis, the systray icon may disappear while the cpf.exe process is still active. The ‘hide inactive icons’ option of the systray toolbar is NOT selected.

The main window of COMODO Firewall Pro can be restored by clicking on the desktop icon or the application link in the Start Menu. Also the systray icon shows again.

Operating system: Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2.

Hope this problem submission can be of any help.


Take a look at this and see if it works:

System Tray Icon Does Not Appear on Taskbar,1732.0.html,1803.0.html