Comodo Firewall Pro problem with Adaware SE and Spybot S&D

Comodo Firewall Pro version allows Adaware SE and Spybot S&D 1.4 to access the internet, even though they are not allowed on the Application Control rules. It asks me about every other application, but these two slip through without a peep. Is this a security hole?

I run a fully updated (Windows Update) version of Windows XP Home SP2.

Hi accz, welcome to the forums.

It is probably because both of those applications are white-listed (Trusted Applications) by Comodo. You can test this by turning off the Comodo Trusted Apps option… I’m not currently running 2.4, but I believe it is somewhere under Security tab - Advanced section… probably the Miscellaneous config.

Hi kail, thanks for trying to help.

I’ve looked in all of the configs in the advanced section of the security tab, and I can’t see a trusted apps option, is there anything else I can do?

Hi accz,

First of all, open up CPF Interface, go to Secuirty->Advanced, and then in the Miscellaneous, then uncheck the box thaty says: ‘Do not show any alerts for the applicaitons certified by COMODO’.


Thanks, Ragwing… that’s the option.

No problem matey, you explained it correct, you just didn’t knew the name of the stupid check box :wink:


Thanks guys, you’ve cracked it!

I appreciate your help (:CLP)