Comodo Firewall Pro, Pegasus Mail, Locate32 Problem

I have lately got into some mysterious issue with Comodo Firewall Pro, Pegasus Mail and Locate32 (file search engine).

I’ve been running Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4.18.184 for two or three years and it has never interfered with Pegasus Mail v4.31. Here are Comodo’s network control rules. The only custom lines are for WallWatcher (router traffic/bandwidth monitoring tool):

Normally, Pegasus can connect to POP3 server in about a second, using very little system resources:

A few days ago I installed Locate32. As soon Locate32 is launched, Pegasus either needs a few seconds to connect to POP3 server, gobbling 100% of system resources while doing so, or is unable to connect at all, and Telnet test fails:

Closing Locate32 doesn’t resolve the issue, but if Comodo is closed, the problem disappears, Pegasus works ok and Telnet command is executed successfully:

Of course restarting the PC also solves the problem, until Locate32 is launched again.

Thanks for any suggestions, I would rather avoid installing the latest version of Comodo, as v2.4.18.184 works flawlessly with all other applications.

I forgot to post Comodo logs. In Pegasus I always retrieve only email titles from the server (which allows deleting unwanted messages straight on the server without actually downloading any of them to PC). The following command is used in Pegasus:

In this case it makes no difference because there were no messagaes on the server.

Comodo Connections Log:

Comodo Activity Log after polling POP3 server from Pegasus a few times, Locate32 never started:

Comodo Activity Log after Locate32 was started and POP3 server was subsequently polled twice from Pegasus:

One possible theory would be that Locate32, when run alongside Comodo Firewall Pro, somehow interferes with “wsock32.dll” used by Pegasus: