Comodo firewall pro not starting.

i have trawled the forum and the internet but i cannot for the life of me find a reason why COmodo firewall pro v3 doesn’t start with windows on startup. i have the box checked in the misc options and have checked that cfp isnt being blocked by msconfig but no matter what happens it doesnt start automatically. i have to manually start it, when it’s not on windows doesnt report no firewall is active even tho cfp.exe is not running in taskmanager. Any help to my problem is much appreciated. :-\

Have you tried manually adding to your windows startup list?

Same problem here…have to start Comodo manually…any ideas? Version 3.5.54375, running on XP. Strange thing though…I have it running on 3 other machines (2 XP, 1 Vista) and no problem there.

err…no. In msconfig comodo’s set as “c:\Program files\comodo\firewall\cfp.exe” -h and it’s ticked… :-\ what do you mean exactly?

If it is in MSConfig then it is already added. (just asking, as I had to start an application automatically by adding it only because it was removed temperarily). (at the time) It was a thought.
From Computer Management → Services and Applications → Services, COMODO Internet Security Helper Service (CMDAgent) should be ‘Started’ and ‘Automatic’

yeah i’ve checked it in services.msc, its on auto (:SAD) could the fact that i had bocore installed mess things up?

Have you updated to 3.5 recently.
If you have can you please check that cfp.exe on your computer is in the same path as in msconfig.

Yeah i checked, cfp.exe v3.5 is in the same place as in msconfig. I checked the registry, there’s a double call for cfp.exe in local machine\microsoft\windows\run. one under CIS and one under comodo firewall pro. deleting one would fix it i presume?

Have a look at THIS topic.


Yeah i did that but no success. I just uninstalled StartRight and deleted both cfp.exe reg entries and made a new one, maybe that’ll work.
Nah didn’t work.