Comodo Firewall Pro & McAfee Security Center Compatibility Problem [RESOLVED]

I have McAfee Security Center with the Personal Firewall uninstalled. But, I still have the VirusScan, Anti-Spam and Privacy Service still installed and Comodo Firewall says in the main screen ‘System Status : The network firewall is not functioning properly : Please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem.’
Which I did and it said in the diagnostic report “List of incompatible software present in system:
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus 7.1.113”
Well, I uninstalled that. So, is there another problem with the McAfee stuff I do have intalled or is this something I can fix somehow?
I like Comodo Firewall Pro better than McAfee Personal Firewall, so what can I do? Help?!

Hello Aztec, Welcome to the forums (:HUG)

Just an Idea that could work; uninstall McAfee, Install Comodo, Install Mcafee.

Ok, I’m doing just that now and I’m waiting now for the Comodo Scanner to scan my PC like it does after a new install. And also waiting to see if the problem recurs after this.

Thank you for your response.

You were correct, Mr. Kyle, that seemed to correct the issue. Wasn’t sure it would, but, it did.
2 Stars for you for being a helper person. :SMLR

Thank you very much. (V)


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