Comodo Firewall Pro makes me feel safer at school on my laptop.

I brought my lap top to collage today since its a long wait for the time to go down to the bus station after classes. So I decided to go on the web from my laptop. I got online and decided to see how the firewall is through the shields up test and I got an all green go!!! :BNC At home Its all good except for the ping.


I agree with you! It’s the best available so far and though it’s a bit tiresome to configure at the start once u train it , simply superb!

And about the ping not working maybe the ISP or if you hav a lan at ur place, firewall must have blocked either “ping” or ICMP messages since these can be used to carry out a attack and even bring down a network if you have enough machine power!

How can I have my router block the Ping?

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