Comodo Firewall Pro license


The CFP End-User License Agreement says you cannot exploit any part of the software commercially. What does that restriction actually mean? Can you use a notebook with CFP in a commercial environment, e.g. connect to your company network?

Hello K2K, I’m not exactly sure what it means but I KNOW for a FACT that CFP is free for private and commercial use. (:WAV)

Hey goose,

It sounds like (please correct me if I’m wrong)
Comodo is offered as is, no part(s) are to be modified or used for a personal profit\gain.

Example; You can’t steal some code or the engine etc and put it into your own firewall and charge users.
You can’t sell CPF3 to your friends or commercially.

Ohhhhhh Thanks Kyle that is what it means. CFP is free software but it is not open source meaning it is not open to everyone for modification. It is however free for commercial use as I said in my previous comment. Hope this answers your question :slight_smile: (CLY)