Comodo Firewall Pro is being initialized [Resolved]

When I hover over the Comodo Icon in the system tray, it seems that CF is always initializing. I’m a new user, I don’t have a lot of experience with Comodo Pro and I’m wondering if this is normal or is there something amiss?

Don’t worry, the firewall has actually already loaded, even though the interface tells you it hasn’t. So there is no security hazard at all, Comodo protects you. :slight_smile:
Several people have had this problem, including myself (but not at the moment). There are some threads on the forum about it. Check out the links in this thread:,8476.0.html

What I did when I seen this was to just set the security level to ‘block all’ for 2 seconds then put it back to custom and it quit saying that.

If you do that surely something is blocking your Comodo from Initializing. :expressionless:


There is a GUI bug which causes CPF to keep reporting it’s still being initialised. CPF is still running normally it’s just a problem in the GUI. It is not a major problem, and has been fixed in v.3.

One workaround is to right click the system tray icon, select adjust security level, and click custom.


Yep Mike is right, that works too. I had seen the problem after right clicking the firewall in the sys tray to exit it and restart it. I haven’t seen the initializing problem on reboot. I gotta quit forgettin details. Didn’t mean to make it sound like it was a serious problem. :slight_smile:

Good day, Glendaloch!

Here’s a link to the FW FAQ,894.0.html. Bookmarks! Bookmarks! Everyone get out yer Bookmarks! ;D

2nd to last topic has a few links about this issue. As Mike pointed out, it’s a cosmetic glitch only, and will be fixed soon.

No need for concern. In at least one of those threads, I have given instructions on how a user can confirm the FW’s integrity/operation for him (or her) self.



Just a short while back my computer started back up from standby; CAVS auto updater started and after updating prompted me to reboot, which I did. Now I notice, when I roll my mouse over the Icon in the “Notification Tray”, the friendly help message is stuck at “COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialized …” and it hasn’t changed. I have seen that this helpful hint or message changes to something like “all system ready …”. Is there a reason or cause for concern? I have restarted the machine several times but the issue persists.

PS: Even thro’ this posting the message hasn’t changed.

Anyone else out there experiencing similar symptoms?



The “…being initialized” message is a visual glitch, as opposed to a bug. If you double click the system tray icon to oen CFP and the change the security level from whatever it is to anything else and then back again, the message will disappear.

I belive that this is being addressed in version 3.

Despite the message, the firewall has fully loaded and you are protected - it’s just a display thing, not an operational issue.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Phenomenal bookmarking site here! (I just spruced it up to make it look clearer 8)):
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

System Tray Icon Tooltip - Firewall Being Initialized,7255.0.html,7055.0.html,2397.0.html

Thanks mate (pronounced “myte” down-under). I took your word for it and did as you suggested and it is back to what I have grown accustomed to. I hope it is really a glitch and inconsequential.

One last question …
Did CAVS go thro’ and upgrade? The reason I ask is because this is the first time since I have CFP & CAVS that I have been prompted to restart my machine.


There was a program update. More info in CAVS forum.

Little Mac, thanks for that. I’m not concerned now that I know that it’s just a harmless bug. Thank you again.

No problem, Glendaloch; glad to set yer mind at ease. Now you can sit back, have some uisge beatha, and relax…

I’ll go ahead and close the thread. Should you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.