"COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialized" Needs 5 Minutes [Merged Threads]

This message seems to persist. Is there any fix for it? Or will there be a fix?

Turn terminal services on.

i recently repaired a friends XP pc, and installed the newest V2 Comodo firewall on it, i also had that message, the pc is older and had a 1.6ghz processor and 128mb ram, when i added a 512mb ram stick (total 640mb ram now) the message went away.

Any other fix? I have Terminal Services removed.

Actually, one of the developers himself said this bug was was going to be fixed in the RC1 version. I don’t understand why it did not even make it into the final. It must not have been a show stopper for Comodo. I had a few bugs myself that I reported and they did not get in either.

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COMODO’s initialization is very long. After logon I wait 4-5 minutes for “All systems are active and running”.
Beta-versions doesn’t have this issue

My version is

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Comodo fails to complete test :slight_smile:

It need to control

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

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A wee bit of information like your operating system and other security applications could help someone narrow this down for you.

I added my configuration to Signature :slight_smile:

Internet connection : ADSL
logging as Admin
AV : Kaspersky

Do you have Terminal Services set to disabled?


But but but - it’s a big hole:

BlackViper.com adds: This service is required for Fast User Switching Compatibility, Remote Desktop Help Session Manager and Remote Assistance. You will not be able to view who is logged on to a particular computer by viewing the user tab located in the Task Manager if this service is disabled. For security reasons, disable this unless you specifically require its functionality. For some reason, start this service to install Norton 2003.

Apart from the other concerns, if TS are needed for Norton…!

I also have this every time my PC boots up. Strange, because upon the 1st / 2nd boot after installation I didn’t have it and all this time Terminal Services is disabled. Anyway, this message takes about 5 min to be gone for the Green checkmark: All systems are active and running.

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Why ? 2.4 was better in this regard. Due to kernel hook everyone will
say ‘don’t worry you are well protected’. This may be so, but it is
disconcerting !

I’m also experiencing the same problem. It takes a couple of minutes for CF3 to initialize. Is it still blocking before it initializes? I have Terminal Services disabled and have no intention to enable it. I see no reason for CF to be influenced by it in that way.

I know. This bug was supposedly fixed earlier :(. And yes, you are protected (at least from all incoming connections) just like in v2 from before Windows boots. I tested this at Shields Up.