COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialised

I have just installed Comodo after using Zone Alarm for many years. I did try Jetico but it was a nightamare.

Although Comodo appears to be functioning if I hover my mouse over the system try icon I get the text as stated in my topic heading.

I am curious as to why this is?

Surely Comodo should not be initialising all the time?

This is a cosmetic bug, you are still fully protected.

Hopefully will this bug be fixed in the upcomming v3 of the firewall.

Search for “COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialised” in the firewallforum and you will get some more info.

I’ve put a search in but it says No Results so I don’t know where to look.

Have tried to post this before but for some reason it keeps saying my IP address has commented within ninety seconds.


I have also encountered this problem as a new Comodo user. Check out the FAQ section. There is a ton of information there. Do you use Avast!? Some have reported a solution if you are running Avast.

guy, please read about it here:

* FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** at the bottom:

Systray Icon Tooltip - Firewall being initialized,7255.0.html,7055.0.html,2397.0.html