comodo firewall pro install s1.tmp also without toolbar

I use comodo firewall pro x64 on windows vista ultimate.
I never allowed the toolbar to install itself with cmodo firewall pro. Still the s1.tmp file is installed everytime making NOD32 antivirus allerting me.

I don’t want to use the toolbar and I don’t like the s1.tmp file to be installed.
Still I can’t prevent it from installing.

Also a couple of reinstalls (after full cleanup) continues to give the same problem.

Is there any way you can choose not to install this file? Or is it safe to delete?
Or is this a bug in the installation software?


I don’t think you can choose to not install it (if it still installs when toolbar isn’t chosen). So your option would be to either use an old version before the toolbar was added, or move ‘s1.tmp’ to another location (like your desktop), reboot, and see if it affects the normal behaviour of CFP 3.
If it does cause problems, just move it back to the folder for CFP 3. If there’s no problems, just delete it.
Seeing as the extension is .tmp, which means it’s (most likely) a temporary file, it should be safe to remove, but better check anyways.


the s1.tmp file is the temp file for the SafeSurf + toolbar. If you allow to install the toolbar then you won’t see it. If you choose not to install the toolbar, you can manually delete the s1.tmp file. No harm will be done.