Comodo Firewall Pro, Defence+ and Sanxboxie

I have been using CIS 3.8, CIS 3.9 and now CIS 3.10 in Comodo Internet Security Configuration with all Defense+ boxes ticked which scores 340/340 on the Comodo Leak Tests. Lately I have begun running my browser sandboxed using Sandboxie and I have found no Malware using the Comodo scanner plus 3 different on demand scanners, not even so much as a single tracking cookie.

Although I am very happy with the protection which the full CIS Suite affords my question is whether or not it is possible to configure the Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ plus to have the same level of protection without using an Antivirus program provided the browser is running sandboxed?


Sure, The AV is just an addition to the core with is defense+.
Make sure you configure defense+ to highest settings → You can look at my guide or others about configuring defense+ to maximum security.

Kyle- Thank you for your reply! I have set Defense+ to its highest settings per the instructions given here on the Forum, but I am wondering if it will still detect malware in my email clients as the Antivirus is doing now.

Another concern is the configuration of Comodo in that I am now using Internet Security mode because when I tried to switch on the fly to Proactive Security the cursor would freeze everytime I accessed the internet and I was forced to reboot. Would Firewall Security mode be the best option if I decided to uninstall CIS and then reinstall just the Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ without the AV option? Thank you so much for your help…