Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Reporting Script HTML version

You can get the the basic version here - coded by grue155 and gibran -, which can generate a TXT file which’ll be opened by Notepad. Not so nice but might be easier to work with and the text report files are usually smaller.

So what’s the difference?

Nice interface: CSS, DHTML, scripts provides very good solutions for this.

It’ll create the report in HTML format: what will be opened by Internet Explorer, the report html file will got a name after the current date.

Got a 2-clicks to use file save possibility: click on the save config button then allow ActiveX and your file be saved to c:\cpfreport.html (yes, not after the date but you can use the browser’s built-in save function as well).

Pictures attached to this post about the interface and output, check them out.

Required for the script:

Note: the more options you’ll use the more time it’ll take to create the report file and the more options means bigger file size!

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Got no time yet to update the listing :(. The script displays more kind of access rights below “Access rights” (~when you found more [ 0 ] below an Access rights, those are for different settings like: “Protected Files/Folders”, “Protected Registry Keys”, “Protected COM Interfaces”, “Run an Executable”), these are not separated - thanks for the notice, goodbrazer!

Once i got more time, i’ll update the script (or anyone else can, since it’s allowed ;)).

No problems, Ark :slight_smile:

Keep on good work.
…And interface of script’s output is nice :-TU