Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP) Ver: and Comodo BOClean Ver:4.25

Comodo Firewall Pro (CFP) Ver: and Comodo BOClean Ver:4.25.

When this 2 are running at the same time, my CFP keeps alerting and causes my PC to freeze. But when I exited the BOClean everything is like normal. For some reason when CFP’s Defence+ Security Level is in Clean PC Mode or Train with Safe Mode, I get so much Alerts and end-up to reboot my PC from the powerbutton as it froze :‘( :’(

And Im not sure if the “Remember my answer” (with a Check to it) is working properly though I have allowed the applications.

I love my Comodo Firewal Pro, but please give some sort of solution to my problems.

Thanks :smiley:

You could try the new test version; I think this fixes many problems including those some users had with BOC. Read the post carefully before you use it though - it is not a general release version yet.

If you are sure your pc is clean then putting defense+ in training mode when you initially install might help as rules for BOC etc will be created without asking you too many questions. Remember to change back to clean pc mode or train with safe mode - I recommend about 10 minutes in training mode opening and running your trusted applications and then switching to a higher security level.

New test version:


Hi iceman101. This is a known problem. Try downloading the latest version from here:

Special Test edition for the users who had problems with CFP

It should fix your problems.

im sorry N.T.T.W. , i didnt know that there is a topic regarding my issues. i will use this version you put there.

Toggie i am using that version. but is this the same as what N.T.T.W. posted?

“1 - CFP automatic updater will report updates detected since the official .268. So if updated, the firewall will be downgraded to .268 build.”

It that thread you will find a link to download, which is the latest beta version.

Same as N.T.T.W, i didn’t notice that post, sorry. Disable upgrades.

i will try this one :smiley: thanks Toggie.

may i ask a question please? non Comodo related… what P2P programs would you recommend me to use, because i dont want malwares/spywares also being installed in my pc. this is also the reason i downloaded BOClean

I’m not really the right person to ask about that, as I don’t use P2P. However, if you post this question over in General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything… I’m sure you’ll get an answer of two :slight_smile: