Comodo Firewall Pro and new Kasersky Antivirus 2009 are not compatible???

Hello folks,

I have visited official Kaspersky site today and saw that the new verion of KAV 2009 and KIS 2009 are final and ready for download. OK, I downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus 2009, but during installation I got notification that Comodo Firewall Pro is not compatible with KAV. Might be because of Defence+, but I disable it before installation espessialy as I know that KAV has HIPS and BA. So I could not install KAV as it did not allowed to carry on without un-installing Comodo Firewall.
It is really frustrating.

PS Yes, it is true. I read there about :

Its not Comodo’s problem its KAV’s. This has been a problem with KAV for along time. It is completely incompatible with tons of other software. Read here. I use Avira Premium 8 which far superior to KAV. if you want to install KAV then you need to uninstall Comodo,install KAV then reinstall Comodo. This was even a problem with Comodo 2.4. The list is too long to copy and paste.

Hi Vettetech,

Of course, it is KAV problem, not Comodo.
But I find this so ridiculous that firewall and antivirus are not compatible.

It is not that ridiculous. Its marketing. At least, Kaspersky Labs way of marketing. Why make it possible to have one other firewall/security product than not one they make. Makes all sense. And there are trial versions. After people test it and realize it is not compatible with their other security products, they just don’t buy it.

Do I agree with this policy? Of course not.

Have you tried to install first KAV and then Comodo Firewall? You would be surprised. What isn’t there at the time of installing KAV can’t be detected.

The same issue applies to ThreatFire from PC Tools. And I guess it would be a cradle of issues to a lot more security products.

Botton line: Why getting a product that has a company with such policies behind? Shouldn’t you be able to get the protection you want from the tool you want?

At the moment no firewall is a match for Comodo, so who’s willing to pay for a product that at a first sight does not accept it?

Besides, KAV has always been out rated. My point of view, of course. Never liked this fellow. And the icon, well just makes me want to vomit. :wink:

There are better alternatives to KAV.

Hi DarkButterfly,

I run ESET Antivir on my machine.
Just wanted to give a trial for KAV 2009 on my pc to play a bit with the new version, but I gave up.
I am satisfied with my security set on my pc: ESET Antivir+Comodo Firewall (with HIPS)+Treatfire.
No conflicts, OS runs fast, all is OK.

PS. of course it is Kaspersky policy , not good one at all.
I had KIS7 on my machine before. One day one nastie killed KIS (prevented from start-up) and KIS allowed to do it (could not protect itself against known! virus).
As I read after that virus was clearly identified in 2006! , it was not zero-day one.
So , I picked up ESET and said Good-bye to Kaspersky

Well said Dark. I bow down to you. If you look at AV Comparatives you will see who the real winner is. Avira is out on top. Why spend money on KAV when you can have Avast for free. NOD32 is good also.

KAV sucks all the way down. :slight_smile:

Nod32 is OK.

About ThreatFire, I meant that KAV also conflicts with it. Did not mean that ThreatFire conflicts with Comodo. This is just in case you though I meant the other way around. :slight_smile:

I also have seen in a forum, not so long time ago, some users complaining that KAV messed their hard drives. True or not, I am not the one testing it! :THNK

No need to bash Kaspersky. That way you can bash any software you want. :slight_smile:


Another time I agree 100% with you Commodus, Kaspersky isn’t bad and in some way I actually find it good that they’re not compatible. In this case many user won’t run several antivirusses or firewalls at the same time. (good for newbies)


Very well. Story ended. Issue gone. Thread closed :P0l