Comodo Firewall Pro and Kaspersky Antivirus 7

can i use this combination without problems ?


i have heard compatibily problems…

If you have Comodo installed already you cannot install KAV. Go to there site and you will see tons of incompatible programs with KAV. If I werre you I would steer clear of KAV. Go with Avira.

i like nod32 but when i installed KAV he removed two trojans that nod32 left in the system and now is runnig better :stuck_out_tongue:

AV Comparatives always has Avira coming out on top. Other test also have AVira out on top.

Has anyone had any combatibilty issues? :THNK

KAV 7.0 and CFP can co-exist, despite documented reports of incompatibility. I have the combination running on two very different machines (see my signature).

As Vettetech points out (and he and I have “agreed to disagree” on running them together, LOL) you need to install KAV 7.0 first, then CFP. But NOD32 and Avira are good choices, as well.

@Soyabeaner (below): Good idea and thanks.

Looks like there’s already a thread on this, so I’ll fuse the two thread together :P0l.

yes stupid kaspersky doesnt let install if you have comodo installed

but i like kaspersky â– â– â– â–  :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i will not use nod32 because sometimes the new kernel of version 3 puts my cpu with 50% usage … i have to kill the kernel in task manager (he appears again after i kill it) to continue to work

Use Avira Premium 8. You can get 6 months free. There is a thread on here about it.

Installation of Kaspersky with already installed CFP3
(It is written for Kaspersky 7 series but work on 2009 series as well)

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