Comodo Firewall Pro - "allow" list

I am now using Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.14.276 and wonder if it enables to have an HTTP list allowed for Windows Update:

The point is that I have recently come across an error code 800722c when running Windows Update. It requires me to add these HTTP links into the firewall’s allowed list.

I appreciate it much if any technical advice on how to proceed with will be given.


I never had to add them. I think they usually need to be added to IE under options, security, trusted sites, sites.

You don’t have Spybot Tea Timer running do you? Other than adding the sites to IE, I disabled Tea Timer and never had a problem getting updates from the website

Hi, Hikertrash

Thank you for your response.

My home PC is equipped with Spybot - Search and Destroy without Teatime.



Does disabling the firewall make it possible to use Windows Update? This topic is similar to a v. 2.4 topic, perhaps you would like to see it.


This might help: