Comodo Firewall ( Pro active )

I just installed Comodo Firewall , and i have set the configuration at ProActive.

Its more secure now , does my computer slow down in that configuration , and why is it not set by default ?

And in the ProActive configuration , is it still compatible with Avast! Free?

Because i am planning to install Avast! Free , and then let it run together with Comodo Firewall in ProActive configuration , i will exclude the programs from eachother.

Positively Yes

Put CIS files/process as exclusions in all components of Avast.

In CFW, make rules for Avast :

  • In Defense +, make a rule with the predefined policy "updater/installe"r for
    c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Avast\Setup\avast.setup
    and the predefined policy “trusted file” for all other executable files of Avast

  • In the FW, make a rule “allow all outgoing request” (same than for CIS) for avast.setup and AvastSvc.exe.

Have an eye on incompatibillities like freezes.
Avast can run very nice with comodo. In my case i had to disable for example the sandbox of avast when using comodo, while on another machine it runs fine with it.
Just keep in mind, use only one specific component at a time. (Example: Just 1 sandbox, 1 antivirus)

Make a test if the antivirus can act under your comodo setting. (Eicar test file. Be carefull, and read first about it. But i usually load that file to see if the antivirus can make an alarm and handle files.)