Comodo Firewall Pro 32-bit v3.0.14.273 File Submission UI bug

Only “add” button is enabled by default, the “remove” and “remove all” become enabled only when i add some file to the list. It is good when the list is empty e. g. nothing to remove, but the when the list is full of apps and still we have “remove” button greyed out…

technical info:

Comodo Firewall Pro 32-bit v3.0.14.273, WinXP Home SP2, NOD32 v3.0.563.0

Defence+ in Clean PC Mode, Firewall in Custom Policy Mode. Nothing was touched in Advanced settings.

I have installed the Comodo Firewall Pro 32-bit v3.0.14.273 on WinXP today and everything is perfect… I don’t have this problem…

I have this issue on v3.0.13.268 on my physical machine and on v3.0.14.273 in my VMWare. Both have the same OS - XP Home SP2. Except the one in VMWare has no software at all apart from VM Tools and the firewall itself.

To Burrillo :

No way!!!, ther’s a new build??? version v3.0.14.273, may you give me the exact URL please, because the regular URL redirects to…

Thanks in advance

No way!!!!!!!, ther's a new build?
it's beta, so for testing purposes only.;topicseen

Thanks Burillo, in that case I rather wait for the final version…

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Hi Burillo,

Im not sure this grayed-out thing is a bug. The same happens here, but only if the files are being submitted. After you stop the submitting process those buttons should come to life.