Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Problem

Hello. When an application wanted to connect to internet and Comodo allerts me, if I try to open executable to see what application connects, Comodo shut down. Why ? It’s a bug ?

Not sure I understand your grammar. What application is trying to connect? If its a known program the just click allow. Is it a firewall alert or a D+ alert? What version are you using?

Sorry for my English, but I’m from Romania. So, if a program tries to connect to internet and I click it to view properties, Comodo Firewall shuts automatically. I’m using the latest version, .

Are you sure its shutting down? Does the try icon disappear? Is cmdagent and cpf still running in taskmanager? What program is it? If the program is something installed on your pc and you know what it is just alllow it. Comodo shouldnt be shutting down and if it is are you getting any error codes? Go to D+/D+ events and see whats there in your logs.

Only tray icon disappears. But, why ? That happened when I tried to click application to see where is its location . Is it a bug ?

No never heard of this before. Try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot,don’t and click next on Revo and delete all left over registry and program entries then reboot.

I uninstalled and reinstall Comodo and same problem appeared. For exemple : “Steam.exe is trying to connect to the Internet. What would you like to do ?” If I click the application : steam.exe to see the location, Comodo shut down. Of course, the process shut down too. Can you help me to solve this problem ? Thanks’.

Well now we are getting somewhere. I am a gamer and Steam is a trusted application. No reason to click on location since you know what Steam is. Try using training mode for a week or so. Read the sticky’s under import topics.

Thanks’ for promt reply. I know that STEAM is a legitimate program. But, if I want to view properties for another program ? Why cfp.exe crash when i click application to see its location ? Is this problem only at me ?