Comodo Firewall Pro 3 incompatible with Eizo Screen Manager Pro

PC: Eizo L568, 32-bit WinXP Pro SP2, with Eizo Screen Manager Pro installed.

There is a USB connection between Eizo L568 and my PC. A Screen Manager Pro tray icon appears on Windows. If there is any problem with the connection, say disconnected, the icon will turn grey and on screen adjustment will not be possible.

I have been using Comodo FW Pro 2.4 for sometime. V2.4 and Eizo SMP work normally. The tray icon is colored and adjustment is possible. After upgrading Comodo FW Pro from 2.4 to version 3, the tray icon is dimmed and adjustment is impossible.

I tried reconnect the USB cable and restart Windows. The same resulted. After downgrading back to V2.4, it works again.

Eizo SMP versions tested: 1.18 and 2.41

I have same problem with a Eizo S2410 and same software, ScreenManager 2.4.1 and Comodo Firewall

Kind regards.