COMODO Firewall Pro 3 has been released!


Excellent work guys! (:CLP) CFP 2.4 has already been very great and I loved it, but the 3.0 version is the best firewall I’ve ever seen and my computer loves it, too! No problems and no feelings being a beta-tester…
I can´t believe that this great product is FREE! Zone laps, Norton, GO HOME!!! (M)

(In two days I’ve birthday and this is a very good present in advance, thank you! :■■■■)


Sorry for my English^^ and many greetings from Germany!


Congratulations to Comodo staff for all the effort they have put in creating this awsome firewall! A big tks to all (:CLP)

btw:firewall its running very problems at all and very low on resources.Truly Impressive :BNC (L) (V)


When the new network alert comes up, tick the checkbox to allow sharing the connection.

Oh that is what you havent seen in the BETA or RC versions :slight_smile:
While trying to improve our security considerations section in order to give a better advice to our users, we came up with a heuristic analysis algorithm which detected 60% of the malware samples we threw at it.

For example, as of 11/11/2007, the following virus was an unknown one. Please have a look at he attachment for an example alert and how CFP detected it without any signature database :slight_smile:


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Married Egemen? :■■■■

Welcome :BNC

Runing CFW v· veeeeeeeeeeery smoothly. Now web pages are very speed.

great work (:LOV)

GREAT news!!! AWESOME firewall!!! Defense+ is a HUGE success!!! (V)

Just wanted to say thank you to Comodo and all the beta testers for helping to make a great product. Downloaded CFP 3 after work today and it is running perfectly. Thank you for all your hard work in taking it from beta to RC1 to final in so little time. (R)

I look forward to Comodo’s Vista compatible AV.

Great job all,

Like someone else in this thread mentioned. The new version locks up every time it has to look at a new process. The delay between starting a process and the defense+ popup is several minutes of complete system lockup. I thought my computer was frozen for awhile until I let it go for awhile. There is nothing special about my computer setup, what have you guys done to avoid this problem?

Impressive. Working smoothly over here. Suddenly all the scepticism seemed to go away. Thanks to the devs and the beta testers again.

Only thing is, it’s so advanced that I don’t have a clue what it’s actually doing. Will read the help that looks pretty well written and comprehensive, and looking forward to the “CFP for dummies”. :slight_smile:

Judging from what the Comodo devs wizards are capable of, now I have high expectations on CAVS. If it’s half as good as I expect then all my security software will be Comodo once CAVS final is released.


CFP 3 for sure is more advanced and secure then 2.4 but this is only my opinion… i still think she’s just a little to buggy :frowning:

Great job Comodo :slight_smile:

(R) (S) (V) (V)

This I have been really looking forward too!!!

I have been running a beta (in XP 32) , wich also worked well. But the final version seems to work a bit smoother. AND hurrah! It allows my on line games to connect to the servers without a hazzle! Just as the beta did.

I love the “stealth port wiz”!

You guys who have been sweating over the developement of this firewall for months now, should have a big glass of champagne and a big applause for this!

Well done!

Just upgraded from the RC version, went very smoothly, kept all of my rules, very nice :slight_smile:

still no update available from CFP 2.4 updater ???

I haven’t been a software firewall user in years for various reasons… but this release is slick.
The features are effective, rich but simple… I really like this!
Can I keep it? ;D
/smooth like butter

What?? All your talking about being the first and you’re still on v2? Oh we pity you so… :wink:

Just do it manually, uninstall v2 first, disable any real-time protection during the procedure. Besides a manual installation sounds more reliable, you don’t want your firewall to be installed wrong.

Ooh you need a LICENCE for that! :o