COMODO Firewall Pro 3 has been released!

Hi All,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro 3 at

There are many improvements/changes but here are a few:

What is New in CFP 3?

NEW! Windows Vista and 64 bit OS support
NEW! Patent-pending Host Intrusion Prevention System(HIPS) a.k.a Defense+

  • Virtually Bulletproof protection against root-kits, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more;
  • Authenticates the integrity of every program before allowing it to load into your computer’s memory;
  • Alerts you every time an unknown or untrusted applications attempts to run or install;
  • Blocks Viruses, Trojans and Spy-ware before they can ever get onto your system;
  • Prevents unauthorized modification of critical operating system files and registry entries.
  • Detects the significantly high percent of unknown malware with its advanced behavior heuiristics

NEW!Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Summary screen gives an at-a-glance snapshot of your security settings;
Easy and quick navigation between each module of the firewall;
Simple point and click configuration – no steep learning curves;
New completely redesigned security rules interface - you can quickly set granular access rights and privileges on a global or per application. The firewall also contains pre-set policies and wizards that help simplify the rule setting process.

NEW! ‘Training Mode’

Introduced the leaning mode which enables the gamers as well as novice users to configure their firewalls easily

IMPROVED! Reengineered Network Firewall Engine

Comodo Firewall Pro has always offered the highest levels of perimeter security against inbound and outbound threats – meaning you get the strongest possible protection against hackers, malware and identity thieves. Now we’ve improved it again by adding new features such as Stealth Mode to make your PC completely invisible to opportunistic port scans; Wizard based auto-detection of trusted zones; Password protection of firewall settings; Diagnostics to analyze your system for potential conflicts with the firewall and much more.

IMPROVED! Security rules interface

Version 3.0 gives offers more control over security settings than ever before. Users can quickly set granular internet access rights and privileges on a global or per application basis using the flexible and easy to understand GUI. This version also sees the introduction of pre-set security policies which allow you to deploy a sophisticated hierarchy of firewall rules with a couple of mouse clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: I am using CPF 2.4. Can I update my firewall using automatic updates?
A: Yes. As soon as the updates are available, your CPF should update itself. Or alternatively, you can download the new firewall from the web and install it manually

Q: Does CFP 3.0 support Windows 2000 ?
A: No. Windows 2000 users should continue using the 2.x series.

Q: Does CFP 3.0 have multilanguage support?
A: Not yet. But it is on the way. Since it has been completely redesigned, the multilingual versions will follow the main release shortly.

Q: Can I migrate my rules from 2.4 to 3.0?
A: No. 3.0 is a completely reenginered product with its own logic.

Q: How different CFP 3 from its predecessors?
A: CFP 3.0 is a completely new anti-malware product whereas 2.x series is leak-proof firewall product

Q: What is the effects of CFP 3.0 on the system performance?
A: In most computers, it should be very light on the system resources. Average RAM usage shoul be between 6MB-20 MB.


We would like to thank our BETA testers (smart hackers) in this forum who helped us to improve our products. They deserve as much credit as the development team behind CFP 3.0.

Good job guys!! :■■■■ (:CLP)

Ah, finally! This is what we’ve all been waiting for ;D
Big thanks for the developers and all BETA-testers!


(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

It is a mega powerful firewall.


A long time coming and worth the wait. OK I am sold. And a huge thank you to all who worked so hard to see this day come.

Now please expand on the installation instruction!!!

You say the update feature in version 2.4 will auto download the new updates. But then what?
Will it then just auto remove ver 2.4 and replace it with version 3 or does the user have to manually go into add remove programs to remove ver 2.4 and then reinstall ver 3?

And in my case, I have a two computer network so the install sequence also becomes important. In the case of version 2.4, I was instructed to install comodo on the host computer first and the client computer second to help the wizards recognize my ICS network.

So please please please expand on installation instructions.

congratulations. (V)
IT is running very nice

I’ve been playing with it and its new features for some time now. I’ve also updated Wikipedia, ieXwiki, and announced Softpedia of the release. I’ll be reviewing it myself soon enough.

Congratulations to all forum members and developers for cooperation and a wonderful end result. (:CLP)

Also, OMG LIEK POST 100!!

very good job
marvelous, no bugs, light, powerful firewall, i am very happy to use your firewall who is the best (:KWL) (L)

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Greetings from Canada! (:NRD)


Thanks egemen,

Running smooth here.



Can you talk about the little surprise you put in the last version that detects around 60% of the unknown viruses pls… (this test was done with the malware library we had and it can change depending on whose malware library you test it with)…however the bottom line is: its a bloody good heuristic against new malware. This is useful when you knowingly execute something, like download an application and thinking that its great etc… this will alert you (in around 60% of time) if its virus or not…



Huge thanks to developers and staff for this wonderful tool. It is not only firewall. It is a must havehave to have” tool.



Thanx guys. From those that I saw this best firewall for windows.
Also it would be desirable to know differences between and It’s would be interesting.

Hi All:
Initial impression is that it looks and works great. Appears to use less memory and CPU usage than 2.4.

At this early stage, I’ve only found one issue to comment about. On the summary page, under the Proactive Defense, it references a number of files “waiting for your review”. When I click the link, the program locks up. There is no change in CPU or memory usage, so I think that the link can’t find where to go. I looked in the help section for a reference to “waiting for your review”, but there is none. When I go to Defense +, and click the My Pending Files… (the firewall just locked up and now has a blank screen. There appears to be a connection between these 2 items.

The apparent lockup of CFP needed a reboot to resolve the matter. However, after a subsequent reboot, I clicked the “My Pending Files”, and again the system appeared to lock up. However, this time I left it alone for a while. After about 20-minutes, I noticed that the Pending File list was on the screen. I took the necessary actions and closed it. I clicked it again and the screen came right up. Went back to the Summary Page where I had my initial problem regarding files “waiting for your approval”. It worked.

Hopefully on the next reboot, all will be working great.

The more I explore, the more I like and appreciate the thought that went into this product.

Looks like a real winner.


will RC1 update to it if i try,?,or should I:

  1. uninstall realease candidate intall final

  2. install final right on top and it will “upgrade”



Le meilleur firewall du monde …
Thank you COMODO

Is Internet Connection Sharing supported now??

(:CLP) :BNC :■■■■

Oooh. Ahhhh. Egemen what suprise is this?

Thanks Comodo and all the beta testers! You did a great job. CFP runs like a charm - nothing to complain about so far.
Keep uo the great work.

Yeah Egemen, tell us, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

Great job guys ;D all seems to be working fine apart from the shortcut on my desktop, when I double click on it nothing happens…the icon in the task bar opens up the program fine.
Any ideas??