Comodo Firewall Pro 3.14 versus 4.1 ?

For the first time in a long time, my computer automatically popped up a CFP update window today.
I saw that I had been running CFP 3.14.130099.587 which seemed to be working fine.
After this update, I now have CFP 3.14.147648.588
My operating system is Win XP SP3, using AVG 9.0.829 for antivirus, and CFP for firewall.

However, I noticed from this website that the latest Comodo version is 4.1.150349.920
I am not sure why the update process did not take me into version 4.1.
Is it because I am running XP,
or because I must remove CFP 3.1 manually and THEN install 4.1 ??
Sorry for the newbie question, but any guidance would be appreciated.

It looks as if this is the way they’re doing the update from v3.14 to v4.1. I wish it were through the automatic updater, since I have a lot of friends who will need updating (and they’re not too computer saavy). That means a lot of work for me! :-TD

I first updated my v3.14 to v3.14.147648.588 and then decided to go for the new and improved v4.1.150349.920 because the Sandboxie start issue was resolved. Well Sbie starts, but it is still not able to sandbox Explorer.exe, I can’t paste to text boxes in Opera, the Faststone Image Capture is not allowed to work and gave me the first full ‘red screen’ I have ever seen on my Vista computer. There are so many bugs remaining in v4.1 for my computer that I have returned to v3.14.147648.588 again until the version of 4.1 comes along that I can use my browser and screen capture programs on.


What I’m wondering is if I have to do a clean install of 4.1 and if so… can I import the settings from 3.14?