Comodo Firewall Pro does not recognize iexplore.exe !?

I have the following two questions:

  1. Is it safe to continue to use the Comodo Firewall Pro version that is installed on my Dell notebook ? I know that there is a new free Comodo firewall with antivirus but I chose not to use it since I am using other internet security program - Avast. Therefore I deny any alerts that are notifying me about the update regarding Comodo firewall with antivirus. Otherwise when I am using the my Comodo firewall “Scan my system” tool it always checks and downloads (when avalable) updated virus signatures and this is making me believe that my Comodo version is still functional.

  2. Whenever I start Internet Explorer 8 (I have windows xp professional sp 3) I keep getting a Comodo firewall alert stating that " iexplore.exe could not be recognized…" . I wonder why is this happening ? Could it be a virus, spyware, rootkit that infected the Internet Explorer 8 ? I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE8 but the problem remains. I have also run Avast and Malewarebytes but no viruses have been detected.

Thanks for your support !

Hi giorgio777. Welcome.

  1. I recommend upgrading (clean uninstall then reinstall) to the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and default security tweaks. During installation, you have options to install just the firewall component. Keep in mind that your version is quite old, so there’s a good chance that export & import of your configuration won’t work.

  2. IE8 was released after CFP, so it’s not surprising that it wasn’t on CFP’s safe/trusted/white list at the time.