COMODO Firewall Pro has been released! [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro Previous versions should be able to update themselves through automatic updates.

Download locations:

32-bit Setup
Size: 17.3 MB (18,149,376 bytes)
MD5: d54a30e71251915a16763fe48f502571
SHA1: 1bb22aea64cf9ce773e2e904265101f6731bc6d0

64-bit Setup
Size: 27.2 MB (28,590,080 bytes)
MD5: c33cd85968adc4d78071d132b7406364
SHA1: f3e12ef86675a7ce53521d677e237f1eaa4503fc

Whats New in

FIXED! BUG causing D+ to allow file modification attempts although it is blocked under some circumstances.
IMPROVED! Reduced false positives for D+ keyboard access alerts.
IMPROVED! Removed false positives for D+ service control manager access for XP computers.
IMPROVED! Increased D+ ability to protect itself from already installed rootkits.


Thank you for the new version and the update went smooth. Everything is working great here. :slight_smile:

Same here. Nice work Comodo! (:CLP) (R)

The update process proceeded without any issues. The extended rootkit protection sounds interesting. Nice job Comodo! :■■■■


Update very smooth.
As always, all perfect :smiley:

yahoo, time to install this and to launch tests cause the only version tested on is an old build.
time to update that. :slight_smile:

update : i got probs with vista SP1, comodo is lagging when i click on attack detection settings or firewall behavior settings in firewall advanced, got the same probs with defense+ and image execution control settings and defense+ settings.
all works fine on xp.
maybe i got a compatibility troubles with kasper or superadblocker under vista.
don’t know where’s the prob, i’m going to uninstall kasper and superadblocker to see how it works with vista SP1.
update 2 : in fact it lags with every options of the comodo UI.
update 3 : the ui options keep lagging when i reboot with kasper and superadblocker turned off when OS starts.

ok all seems fine now, didnt know why the UI lagged. i set defense+ in training mode.

No More " Train with Safe Mode " or is it just my PC… I am Guessing it got replaced with " Safe Mode " … Can anyone confirm this ?? :THNK

Yes same for me. Train with safe mode never made much sense to me anyways. (R)

Yes, I can confirm that. Safe Mode for both the Firewall & Defense+. CFPs help gives the details.

i found the newest CFP skin is not really neat as the CFP previous version on my vista 64 bit… looks like a win98 skin…

is it just me or???

Question and please some feedback

On my main system I still running old v.
I had problems with my wireless connection after updating to v 3…19… and I had to go back to v.
Since then I stopped with updating to v. 20, v.21…, because I have very complex and long FW ruleset which I don’t want to lose with new installation.
But in meantime I’ve heard that only FW config. (not d+) can be imported in newer versions.

Is that true? If it is I think that will solve my problem with wireless connection, because I believe importing with d+ was damaging my wireless connection.

i think it’s u or something in your OS, the UI is the same here on vista and xp.
or maybe u just find that u don’t like the skin :slight_smile:

u can use clean mode for defense+ so all that was on your pc before install will be allowed.
or u can use training mode on both firewall and defense+ to see which files comodo is learning when u use wifi…

Installed CFP_3.0.22.349 from scratch; everything running smooth so far.
No more conflicts with Terminal services – long initialization FIXED!

Still no way to import/export ports/zones from/to textfile. So I’ll go typing DNS’s, Blocked zones and so on.
Another small remark – on XP64: poor files from %windir%\SysWOW64 don’t deserve any attention/protection?
No GUI improvements – there’s still a long list of clicks from D+ “Computer security policy” to “My file groups”.
Anyways, all those are minor – great job! (:CLP)

Good Day Egeman,

Great news!!

Now we’ll install it in a test configuration, & make sure it does resolve the Chkdsk BSOD problem without introducing new problems…
And if all is OK, can again recommend Comodo to our clients…

Thank You Very Much,
Best wishes,


i tried chkdsk with last comodo on vista SP1.
no bsod, no prob.

[attachment deleted by admin]

:BNC :BNC thanks for the update :-TU (R) (R) (R)

i guess you should try with an offline chkdsk …

could someony give a try to ultimate degrag is the best defragger

and try the enable boot time defragmentation
well i have the last version ,and to me hangs on
today i can try it on other pc , but i will do

(R) (R) (R)

I had several problems with the update. At first I installed it and then Windows Live Messenger, Network and Sharing center, and enabling/disabling a connection or installing a driver would take up to 5 minutes each. I uninstalled CFP and did a system cleanup and the problem went away. I reinstalled it and this time it said “THE NETWORK FIREWALL IS NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY”, what the hell? Anyways I ghosted my system back to hours ago and tried the update again. After 2 updater crashes(they’re very frequent, I posted one crash dump sample in the bugs section) it started updating. I had already exited cfp.exe and yet the updater gave me an error 112 message about not being able to copy one of the DLLs. I ran the update again and this time it went smooth. Restarted and all was well, system tasks no longer took 5 minutes to accomplish. What a ride.

that’s why i never update firewalls or antivirus.
always start with a new fresh install.
cause if it will work without any prob for most of people, it’s not sure for 100% of people.
and it seems it’s your case so if it’s not the first time u got probs by updating comodo and u still do the same thing, it seems troubles u had by updating some products didnt teach u anything…