Comodo firewall pro with sp1

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I did the scan you mentioned, but I encountered several problems before and while scanning and after scanning. Before scanning I closed down my antivirusprogram (AVG FREE) because the kaspersky online scanner recommended that, so I did. But I got some errors regarding some add-on configuration settings in IE7, so I set IE7 back to its default fabric settings, but this seemed to make some things worse and all the add-ons were disabeled. The errors seemed to stay. I managed to work around the problem, but the other scanners gave some trouble too as you can see in the screenshots.

Due too regulations on this forum it is impossible to send html files, so I will send the source code in a txt file, maybe it is possible to save that on your harddrive and save it as a html file so you can examine the report. I am talking about the first attachment.

The screenshots speak for them self, I hope you can help me.

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I do not think that my problems have to do with malicious software on my pc, I think that it has to do with some configuration settings on my pc because there a lot of problems that I am experiencing with this firewall right now wich I had not before. So I am also experiencing trouble with the firewall gui. I post some screenshots of that so I can show you what I mean.

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This is actually what I mean: (this was my reply in this topic: Could not open Comodo PF3 GUI )

i experience the same problem on my xp machine, first I don’t see anything on the screen, but after a while I see the gui slowly coming up, but I can’t click on the icons because then it is getting stuck and the image is just frozen, and clicking again on the firewall icon makes it worse, in the proceslist I see the firewall is not responding but I do see the firewall alerts smoothly. Also when shutting down I must click to end the cfp.exe process.

Everything that comes in place of the stuck firewall gui gets stuck also, not the program but only the image.
I hope the firewall developers are willing to make an improved new version that will run smoothly, because with al my experience I have never seen a firewall like this one, it is pretty smart made…

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Does anyone recognize anything of the things I listed in this whole topic?

Any helpfull replies are much appreciated!!

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Thanks for your reply sekalainen,

If installing and uninstalling works for you in safe mode maybe I should try that too. But I don’t know if it is good to try because safe mode only runs necessary systemfiles and I don’t know how the firewall reacts on that.

I wonder how the developpers of this firewall look on this way of installing and uninstalling, do they recommend this?

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thanks for your reply sekalainen much appreciated,

Thanks for the explanation, maybe i try the solution you gave if I experience more trouble in the future. The firewall keeps getting better and better with al the updates. I will wait till next the update and see then if I will install it through safe mode.

have a nice day sekalainen!

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Hey triple…

Have you updated to the latest CFP 3 release (v3.0.24.368)?


Thanks for your reply Josh,

yes I updated to the latest release and did a fresh install with the comodo toolbar. But the old problems still remaining. But hey no problem I will be patient and wait for a solution.

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HI all!

I uninstalled almost all of the comodoproducts from my pc due too incompatibility and systemperformance issues. I will use an alternative firewall now untill comodo dives in to the core of vista and makes products that will work smoothly on vista and future service packs.

I continue using comodoprodcts on a other pc that has windows xp.

Maybe I will try to install it on a other vista pc just to check how it performs there.

OKey, have a nice day folks!!!

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Sorry you are having problems.
Vista x32 SP1
I have CPF3 CMF and Comodo Boclean 4.26 installed no problems or conflicts.
The latest version of CPF nearly works with UAC enabled only a problem with exporting config.

HI all!

Thanks Dennis2 for your reply! I am verry happy you dont have encounterd much problems with the combination comodo and vista, but you did mentioned some issues…

Would you mind answering the poll in this topic:

Describe the issues please, any replies in the poll are much appreciated!!

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HI all!

I just wanted to tell you guys if you have seen this already!:

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