COMODO Firewall Pro has been released! [Closed]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro

Whats New in

FIXED! Exceptions could not be added in protections window
FIXED! Ask rules do not work in firewall rules when there is an allow/block rule in the policy
FIXED! Windows Vista D+ protection was not properly working for pseudo-COM interfaces(e.g. DNS resolver or service control manager access)
FIXED! Updates are going to provide configuration migration wizard to make the old configurations compatible with the new one
FIXED! Windows Vista virus scanner does not run

Downloads are accesible through

Previous versions can be automatically updated. This update will also enable the existing users to upgrade their existing configurations without reinstalling.



Was \Device\LanmanRedirector added as a default to My Protected Files in this release?


Thank you for the update from 3.16.x to
I’ve received the update before you made the announcement, so please , can you be more specific about “are going”… in as of now, or from now on? Can I import setting from 3.16 without losing any new features?

Some quick remarks:

  • being an update, I didn’t worried about saving previous config first; it is true that installer warned that my config is old, I’ve allowed it to change it;
  • losing all policy settings in both FW and D+ is not an issue; I’ve recreated them so many times, that now it’s only natural; more, I prefer to benefit from some new, better templates, if any;
  • Now, what I don’t understand is why have I lost all ports sets and all network zones. Wouldn’t it be better to have an option to save these things separately? If not possible, maybe the updater/installer shall issue an warning: “… if you proceed you will lose all your previous settings-would you like to back-up your setting now” or something similar.
  • Why in the world is explorer.exe allowed by default to access DNS and loopback in D+ ? (maybe I worry too much) I’m at least happy that m$ didn’t showed up again among my most trusted vendors 88)

now starting to fill up rules and such.
Great news about the “ask” rule.
Also, great to know that you keep improving this already outstanding software, Thank you again!

It will not be necessary. That was a temporary fix. You dont need to add it to my protected files anymore. This release will catch direct disk access, which is the root of the problem.

There’s no single reason for explorer.exe to connect to the Internet. It’s the shell for Windows.


:BNC Thank you :■■■■

Great did not have to wait long for the next release. ;D
Thanks Dennis


I have a question (:AGL) Yesterday I downloaded some old games straight from Abandonia website, and now Comodo scanner says that those games are infected by these viruses :


Are these infections false positives ? 88) ??? Cos I can’t believe Abandonia has so many infected games (:LGH)

Thank you. (:SHY)

The 304 default global rules are different when compared to previous clean installs. I now only have a single ICMP block rule there. I also did not see the same installation path as in previous versions.
No questions about P2P usage etc. Have I missed something?


Nope. No questions asked here too 88) Wonder why ? :o

What about if you use an explorer window to browse an FTP site? Hmmm? :wink:

Panic got you. Panic and run (:TNG) (:LGH)

I thought this new ‘configuration migration wizard’ will allow me to save my rules and setting from previous version. But no, all it does is it erases all settings and rules from previous version and then launches the setup wizzard :D. I hope you will provide some real configuration migration tool, because updating of CFP is really pain in the ■■■ right now. Anyway, thanks for the release.

Btw, shouldn’t be there an application name in the dialog box so that a user would know which application is asking him for specified action.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I had the same box as fOrTy_7. And i agree with the things he said about the box which should be named “comodo” or something like that.

LOL. Rags bin pwnd

Greetings all.
Hi egemen,

The Q is concerning this quote… and I think it was asked already here.
So this applies to future updates, not this one?
All Settings and Rules we had prior to this update are lost if I choose new format (recommended) during installation and we cannot import settings saved in 3.16.x.
It is necessary to start all over again now.

Am I right?

Thanks in advance

My regards

You are right! Attempting to import previous settings can actually cause other problems, so don’t even try it. But generating new rules with all you have learned is probably a good thing to do anyway. :slight_smile:


If you choose, “No”, CFP will convert the old one to the new format. So the old settings will be preserved.

But overriding the old one with the new one is recommended because we have introduced some new tweaks with this version.

Actually, you should be able to import the old settings by using “manage my configurations” window. It did not work?


Once the format has changed, importing the old settings does not work, and corrupts “manage my configurations”. I tried it with both an upgrade and a clean installation. And there are threads from others who have the same results under “help for v3”.