Comodo Firewall Pro Released

What’s New?


But where is a valid link? An old version is offered here:


Open CFP and select update, or wait for an automatic update (if enabled).


Thanks for the this nice update, Egemen :slight_smile:

I know this opportunity, but I need a link for new (potential) users of CFP.

The web site always contains the latest version. So if you download, you will be able to have the latest.

The website have the previous version…

Indeed… Then you should update the link:

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		langsize = "7.68 MB";			
  • it makes one think he’s downloading an outdated version.

Thanks for the quick update!

Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks again!


I’ve updated, everything works just fine :). Well done, thanks!

Awesome, downloading as we speak. :slight_smile:

True, the web site has not been updated yet. However, the new version is there, try this link:

Hi Everybody!
The Update Funktion works very well. Great Thanks to the Commodo Team for the release of such a good free software.
Kind Regards from Germany


:BNC Thanks for the Great work you do (B) All the Best Cope

The update went fine. No issues so far. Keep up the great work (V)

Wish you all the best from Holland. Greetz, Red.

I received the message about the update on my system this afternoon (about 16h GMT + 1). The download and installation went fine. I just received the same message on my laptop and there the download and installation of the update went smooth as well. I’m just wondering why we need to restart the computer to complete the update? As far as I can see on my system it’s running smoothly now without restart.

(R) wow! fast update! thx guys!

It is running smoothly, but with the old version!

The reboot is required because the only time the important comodo system files can be replaced is during a restart. Trying to do them while the machine was in use would result in a BSOD!

Once you have restarted you will have the new version fully active.

Ultra Fast update!!! :BNC (:CLP) Thnx thnx thnx u are the best (L)

Same here! :BNC
I’ll test it latter with some games and apps.