Comodo Firewall Pro RC5

Hi Guys,

Below are the updated language setups with various issues fixed.

This is the final change in language setups and the final release is going to be on Thursday without any changes unless issues reported by wednesday.

The exception is with Greek where issues reported with text being chopped off can not be resolved unless translation is shortened.


English_ Setups

English Alone Setup


Thanks you very much !
I will install it right now :slight_smile:

Will try it… :slight_smile:

I just downloaded and installed the RC5. Everything went fine and most important of all: no BSOD (:LGH) Good work every one. I guess the firewall is ready for final release.

installed without issues, although I find im experiencing very long delays before i am able to manipulate the “remember this” checkbox or the buttons on alert popups. Even after clicking allow or deny, my system appears to hang for a few seconds before i can do anything else.

Of course when the firewall is first installed there are a lot of popups that need answering. These delays make it frustrating, if not infuriating to use. Fix please!

Apart from that all is well and another fine job by you guys! (L)


Just close CPF and reopen it to see if the delay goes pls.


I just found a little error in the dutch translation. When uploading the files to comodo for analyse, the file submittion window pops up and there’s everything fine. But in the taskbar, it says Comodore Firewall. I think this should be Comodo Firewall.

Can you list the top issues fixed? (unless the fix list is managable and want to post more)


P.S. Also, for those still using current official release (, will the CPF autoupdate take care of their migration to 2.4.X.X?

Because of the “Skip Parent” when invisible connection made bug still exists, I deleted my Firefox rules to test this version.

When I fire up Firefox, CPF requests UDP In connections from my DNS (I have 6 of them) on ports 1103 upwards. Denying them stops Firefox dead. If I Allow all is OK.

If I restart Firefox I don’t get these UDP In connection requests any more. Very odd and a distinct change in behaviour over previous RCs. I have not set any extra rules for Firefox except for TCP Out port 80 etc and UDP Out for port 53 which is normal. I haven’t any UDP In rules, but CPF doesn’t ask again.


iv rebooted, and opened applications to trigger popups, still experiencing delays. Also, trying to change to different sections (“summary” etc.) i have delays where the system hangs for a few seconds.

Restarted CPF without rebooting and ran some more applications. Delays were not as bad, but still noticeable. Not a huge problem but still there nonetheless.


Installing now. Will report any bugs i find.

Its started lagging again when i try to move from section to section in the GUI :frowning:

My system even locks when i right-click the taskbar icon! :frowning:

Owell im sure the comodo guys will fix it! Hopefully soon otherwise ill have to go back to 2.3 :-\

Yes when released, they will be able to update through automatic updates.

Those fixes are all small issues reported by translators.

Does setting CFP to “Allow All” cause this delay to disappear?

:BNC Installing now

yes it does! Unfortunately now im open to attack! :BNC woooooo!

haha anyway, yes setting CPF to allow all fixes the lags.

The delay was still present, but went away after another reboot.

The Swedish version is still not fixed…

Ill try rebooting a couple of times now and see if that works.

Edit: I think i have found the problem. I had my motorola phone charging via USB cable connected to my monitor’s built in USB hub. I find that if i boot with the phone connected, i experience delays or hangs. Maybe comodo has the same problem.

So, following this hunch, i unplugged the phone and put CPF back to “custom” from “allow all”. No more lags!

Im just rebooting now to see if everything stays ok.

Now it came back…
Putting it to allow all makes the delay go away…
Restarted CFP and now it tells me that my protection is bad, even if it’s set to custom.
Got an alert that Comodos network monitor is not active.
I will try to reboot… again…

You haven’t fixed what i’ve reported at the earlier RCs (chopped texts, etc.).
Alhálózati masz ->“Alhálózati maszk”
arán → “arány”
Add to trusted network got the same problems.

The HTML Export bug still exist with the none-English language.

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