Comodo Firewall Pro RC4 Released

Hi Guys,

We are postponing release to 18th Jan, 2007.

Today we are making Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) setups available.

Addon Setups

English_ Setups

English Alone Setup

Following are the changes:

  1. Fixed bug causing UPHClean not to load properly
  2. Fixed bug causing incorrect traffic amount
  3. Chinese setups have following corrections:
    a) Font used size is slightly greater than it was in previous BETA so that charaters are visible.
    b) Text is not bold anywhere as charaters are not clearly visible if bold. This is true for text on images and used in general.

Known issues:

  1. Under Securit->Advanced->Miscellaneous section alert frequencey level shows three stages rather 5.


I hope that the final release won’t give any BSOD’s, because this release gives one. Again. Has anyone any suggestions for me? I tried a lot of things already, but until now nothing helped. I can’t send a dumpfile or an entry from the system event, because none were generated.

Do you have a swapfile on C partition?
I think it’s needed to get Windows to write a minidump.

Hi Messias,

don’t know why nobody says it. You’ ve posted a hundred messages about BSOD, and you did well to post. We also know that your page file is on C etc…etc…obviously your problem does not come from comodo firewall but from something damaged under windows, that stops the firewall from working properly. I’m afraid your only next step should be to reinstall your OS, if you really want to use this firewall. I don’t want to hurt anybody here, but noone seems to be able to say or proove that cpf is the source ofyour issue. After so many BSOD, well I would reinstall my system. Now feel free to act as you wish.


Hi Messias,

We do want to pinpoint this BSOD you are seeing. Do you have an MSN address that I can use to contact with you and make a couple of tests? Please PM me if you have.


Maybe, but since I installed the beta’s from cfp, I didn’t change anything. I didn’t install programs or something. And if my windows is damaged, then the others who see the BSOD are damaged as well. I don’t know, maybe you’re right. But I would like to solve it in another way if possible. Because reinstalling the OS takes a bit of time and then I need to install all the programs again. Reinstalling the OS is the last thing I’ll do, if nothing else helps. But thanks anyway for your suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind.

BTW, I’m not at 100 post yet. I guess now I’m at 35 or something ;D but your right to say that they are all about the BSOD. ;D

I update my answer: if the dev team (egemen) wants to pinpoint your issue, then you might have there a better alternative.

                                       good luck

Thank you and thanks for all your help until now. Maybe it didn’t solve the problem, but there were some good ideas you gave.

Well, to kick out hardware issues - got time? but nor do i if this related to that, you may want to get some checker and run a chkdsk on your computer.
I. Simple winchester test.

  1. the easiest solution is to open windows explorer (Win+E buttons)
  2. right-click on drive C: (or the drive you have the OS with)
  3. choose Properties from right-click menu
  4. Tools tab
  5. click on Check (don’t know the english expression for that right now)
  6. check the checkboxes and start
    It won’t be able to run and it’ll tell you that you should schedule it for the next boot time. Approve it and restart the system.

II. Better winchester test. I’d really wonder if you need this one, but who knows… So almost every manufacturer got winchester testers what you can download as ISO files and then you can burn them onto CDs (fe. powermax for wester digital, etc.). To guess what winchester you got, you might check it at boot time or by useing Manage on My Computer (then below defragment there’s an icon, i don’t know proper name :)).

III. Memory test. This might be more important than II. I can suggest you to get Memtest86 or Windows Memory Diagnostic (free tool from Microsoft Co.). Both will run forever unless you stop them (as i remember, memtest with ESC, WMD with X buttons). If you got errors, it’ll be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

I confirm that UPHClean is back to its old miserable self (ie. running) for me.


I’m sure Messias mentioned that previous RCs ran without any BSODs. If Messias returns to one these previous RCs & confirms that there are indeed no BSODs with a previous RC, then that might rule out a great deal & perhaps help you in narrowing the field.

Yes, I mentioned that previous beta’s ran without any BSODs. The first problem with BSODs began with the 2.4.10 beta release I guess. After that, I’ve always had BSODs

just to support messias cause,i’m in the same situation with BSOD.the last beta which doesn’t give problems is 2.4.10 or the previous one.the rc all give BSOD

Could be. I’m not sure anymore. I should look back in the forums where I first mentioned problems with BSOD.

The delay was there again, but now after 4 reboots it’s gone… ;D

Remembering problem… ???
Look at the image…

[attachment deleted by admin]

reviewing messages and thinking about it i remember the first version which has given problems is 2.4.10 beta and all the others versions that follow this

So you have the same BSOD as I have? And it also started with the 2.4.10 beta release? Maybe we could compare our systems and programs/hardware we have and maybe then we’ll find what’s causing the problem.


I have to agree with Messias, I have exactly the same BSOD problem he encounters, that BSOD happens to be a 0x50 STOP message, so it doesn’t produce any dump (STOPs are usually too quick to let XP initiate any dump file creation).

Since apparently the problem seemed to occur since BETA 10 (build 131), I installed beta 9 and guess what? No BSOD. So yes, I there is a problem since at least your build 131 of CFP and if 2 beta testers are having it I guess a lot of users might have it as well.
I made a post about it when I tested my first BETA (RC2).
I forgot to add in my post that I also have a Bluetooth stack (WIDCOMM driving a ISSC USB Dongle) loaded during the boot process.

My wild guess though is that the problem might be related to ATI Catalyst display drivers since the STOP happens very late in the boot process (I’d say just when Windows usually switches the display between the boot screen and the login screen, thus when activating the display acceleration).

I think my next test is gonna be a restart in VGA mode, if as I think, Catalyst drivers are the culprit, using a simple VGA.sys instead should prevent the BSOD STOP.

I’m gonna try that, and I’ll let you know.
This issue is IMHO a must-be adressed one prior to a point release.


This could be the problem. I also have ATI Catalyst installed on my system. And the stop happens very late here to. Indeed right between the boot and logon screen. If we both encounter the same BSOD and we both have ATI Catalyst installed, then I guess everyone who has ATI Catalyst installed and run the beta get the BSOD. Please let me know if that worked ;D

If we could only get more feedback from users who have the same problem.;D

yes,all started with 2.4.10 release and i have catalist driver boot i have nod32 and logitech setpoint and webcam software,diskeeper,nvidia mixer (part of nforce drivers) and xpize (a tool to change win xp theme and aspect)llet us know if your test give some results pifgadget