Comodo Firewall prevents VMware Player from running

Okay, after several hours of experimentation, I found the reason that VMware Player wouldn’t work with Comodo firewall enabled: I had a known malicious website defined in my Windows hosts file (added by Spybot S&D) which was pointed to “”. I had entered that same website in my blocked zone within Comodo. Since Comodo used the hosts file to determine the IP, it blocked all requests to (localhost).

Although I had blocked the site in Comodo quite some time ago, the Spybot protection added the site within the last few days.

So, out with Spybot. Problem solved. Thank you for taking the time to check out the issue – once you showed me that it was likely a config issue, I looked harder. :slight_smile:

I think this is a configuration error, as VMWare Player works correctly under CIS. It’s probably worth asking for some help in the Help - CIS board.

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From the information you have given I am not clear whether this is a bug/issue.

For the moment I will transfer you to help so you can work through this issue with users and mods in this forum and hopefully resolve it. I hope that is OK.

Please ask any mod to move this report back to the bugs forum if it becomes clear that it is a bug/issue.

What did you add to the Blocked Zones of CIS? The name of the site, the name localhost or the IP address

I added the name of the site, but apparently CIS utilized the translated IP of from Windows, since that was what had been entered into the hosts file.