Comodo firewall prevents Fallout 4 from loading.

Hi guys,
I decided to try out your free firewall yesterday, as I’m looking for an alternative to Zonealarm. Anyway, after installing I noticed that Fallout 4 now refuses to load. The launcher starts, but when I click play, it just reloads the launcher again.

No other games seem to be affected, and I know it’s Comodo, because I uninstalled it and F4 worked just fine. Today I reinstalled Comodo and sure enough, F4 stopped working.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, as I would prefer not to uninstall what is otherwise a good firewall.

Under Advanced Setting on the Behavior Blocker tab add an exception for Fallout 4 under Detect Shell Code Injections. Also disable the Sandbox and HIPS and then try to launch the game.