Comodo Firewall prevents Demigod game from starting (CIS 3.8.65951 X32)

Comodo Firewall prevents Demigod game from starting (CIS 3.8.65951 X32) -

This is a major new WinXP real-time strategy game, just released. With Comodo firewall installed, the game will not start at all - the process terminates before it even shows up in Task Manager.

This problem evidently surfaced during game beta development and was traced to Comodo. More than one web user reports that disabling or uninstalling Comodo allows the game to run.

In my experience, disabling both the Firewall and Defense+ did not help the problem. Stopping the Comodo Firewall service also did not help. I am unwilling to uninstall Comodo to get this game running.

BUT - I would like Demigod to run and hope Comodo will help Stardock game company to locate and fix the issue, if in fact it is a conflict between the two.



UPDATE a few minutes later: There was no previous reference to Demigod in the forum, but I did locate this old thread on GameGuard. It’s possible that Demigod is using GameGuard or something similar, and that could be the problem.

Have you tried updating the NProtect Gameguard anti-cheat software?. (See section about gamegaurd). Although this refers to a reboot problem it’s worth while updating to make sure the issue has not already been solved.