Comodo firewall preventing me from connecting to another computer.

i have a small home network with 3 PC’s.
I am used to access data on any of one of them from any other one out of those three.
I simply use the “Net Use” command provide the user name and password and can access the data.
On the last couple of days i am unable to do it any more.
The net use command is returning with a network path not found error, but when i turn off the firewall the net use command works.
I don’t know what has changed which made it stop working.
Any suggestions?

Did the rule for net use change?

Can you post a screenshot of your Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy)? A screenshot of the rule for System (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security -->Application Rules). And a screenshot of the Firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks -->View Firewall Events)?

Thanks, I already found the problem. and yes it was with the rule.
I am not sure why and how it was changed, but now I fixed it.