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Following the discovery of a ‘listening’ software in my drive, I sought out a decent and free Firewall program to assist in securing my PC. After some deliberation, I installed the Comodo Firewall either yesterday or the day before (sorry, hangover).

Since then, my Outlook 2010 has repeatedly froze, sometimes, in the midst of drafting a new message. I had to use the Task Manager to end the program before restarting it again. I’ve added the Outlook folder into both Firewall and Defense+ list of trusted applications and files. However, the problem persists. And for someone who receives in excess of a hundred mails daily from 8 separate accounts, trust me, this really affects my productivity.

I am on the verge of uninstalling Comodo Firewall. However, I feel that I should at least post my problem here first, in the hope that there is an obvious solution that I have inadvertently missed.

Some additional details.
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise
Security: Microsoft Essential
Memory: 4GB
Processor: Dual-Core 3.2Ghz
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Brand of Cigarette: Marlboro
New Software Installed After Comodo: None
Similar Problems Prior To Installation: Never
P2P Software: None
Cracks, Hacks and Similar Thingys: None

Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.


Can you show screenshots of the logs of the Firewall (View Firewall Events) and Defense + (View Defense + events)?

Do you have other security programs installed that run in the background?

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

Hello Eric.

As requested, I have attached the screenshots.
Fyi, I do not have any other security programs installed.
I used AVG for a couple of weeks several months ago, but it has been completely removed from my system. Even the registry entries are deleted. I used a tool provided by AVG to do it.

I may take several hours to respond again…


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Try the workaround number 4 in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] and see if they fix it for you or not.

What makes you think it is CIS causing the hiccups with Outlook 2010? With me it works fine on Win 7 x86.

Will do so later and report back.

It worked perfectly before, and the freezes only occurred after the Firewall installation. There have been no other changes to my system in the interim period.

Thanks again, Eric.

If the problem persists can you try disabling the Firewall and see if that makes a difference or not? And the same for Defense + by ticking Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart)? That way we can determine what part is playing a role.

Eric, it appears that Comodo may not be the culprit after all!

There was a huge Windows Update earlier, involving 17 items totaling over 100MB (snapshot attached), which included a couple of .NET Framework updates (2 files, over 70MB).

I have not had any further Outlook freezes since then. It’s only been several hours, so I am not about to call the band in yet for the obligatory victory march, but things are looking good. I will update again in a day, once I am certain.

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Well, it looks like I owe Comodo an apology after all, Eric.
My Outlook has returned to normal, and it is time to call in the marching band!

Thanks for the musical cheer.

The latest Windows Update brought several fixes for DotNet Framework. Probably mscorsvw.exe was

precompiling .NET assemblies in the background. Once it’s done, it will go away. Typically, after you install the .NET Redist, it will be done with the high priority assemblies in 5 to 10 minutes and then will wait until your computer is idle to process the low priority assemblies.