comodo firewall outbound protection

hey im just wondering since comodo has 100 % in there tests and if i had
a trojan or malware that my anti virus didnt catch would it warn me that a trojan
is trying to connect outbound thanks. most of my outbound connections are microsoft
programs probably lookin for updates like svchost.

Yes, I believe it will. CFP will raise an alert if a previously unauthorised application/component attempts to access the Internet… even if it attempts to use a 3rd party component (such as SVCHOST). The same is true for any previously authorised application/component that has been modified.

yes i noticed a lot of svchost and other windows system components no suspicious
.exe files just stuff like svchost windoes services and windows genuine but one weird thing
is it says bearshare is trying to use svchost through ole autimation to go online i dont know
if thats normal maybe the adware it comes with.

I’m sorry I’ve never used Bearshare & I know very little about it… but, running a Google search on “bearshare svchost.exe ole” indicates that many consider it worse than adware, some even declare it as malware. I’m not certain what is true or not, but it probably does warrant further investigation before you allow it access.