comodo firewall or windows firewall with kaspersky pure?

Hi buddies! I came back to kaspersky again for a long time withou usig it. I have just bought the new kaspersky pure today. which firewall do I use with kaspersky pure? My operational system is the windows 8.1. I use just the windows firewall or the comodo firewall is better?Has Comodo a good compatibility? I could be safe only the windows firewal. Do you recommend another one? I woudn’t like to become my windows 8.1 a tortoise with many bloated softwares. Thanks for the advice.

I see no reason to use two security suites. Using both will cause crashes and most likely not be able to use your PC.
Since adiquiriu a license from competing software enjoy it.
protection of both suites are almost equal in terms of protection.
Sorry my english! :a0