Comodo Firewall or CIS

I noticed today on comdo homepage that there is a free firewall as well as a free comodo internet security suite available for download.

I downloaded the firee firewall a while ago and it has the firewall, auto sandbox and viruscope. It is version. and it shows it was updated last 3 months ago and when I try to update it says everything is up to date.

My question is… is the firewall that I have along with auto sandbox and viruscope good enough or should I opt for the free comodo internet security suite?

In my opinion, CFW is enough. CIS just adds the AV, which is not the best feature of Comodo and slows down your computer (at least, I found out that).
Plus, CFW comes with a cloud lookup, which means it will check on Comodo cloud servers to find out if a file is good or bad.

Basically, Comodo AV scans files in real-time, for example when you download the file or when you select it.
Cloud lookup scans files on access, which means when you execute it (but before it can actually start working).

With CIS 10, the only plus you have if you install CIS instead of CFW, is the Secure Shopping.